Surgery Sessions

Students are free to present their papers into one the 6 Surgery Sessions: the Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday afternoons will be devoted to the direct involvement of the participants, through the presentation of their works (please, check the Program).
The papers should deal with participants’ research and professional activities. Here there are the different possibilities and topics. Papers can:
contain the descriptions of the research projects which are going to be realized by participants, to prior discuss their aims, methods, procedures;
show researches in progress, in order to present and discuss their methodological choices, and the paths of data collection and analysis yet realized, and to gain suggestions and opinions from discussants and the other participants;
describe the research projects that are in an advanced state of realization, of which participants would like to talk about in terms of the first results achieved, the (grounded) theories constucted, the public use of the data, etc.
propose methodological and epistemological issues, and theories linked to the Grounded Theory perspective, to deepen and analytically develop.

The papers presented and discussed during the Summer School will be published in a volume printed by Pisa University Press before the end of the year (2019).
Editing info and guidelines will be given during the Summer School.

Each paper has to be shown in 20 minutes, for max 18 papers to be distributed into one of the 6 surgery sessions.
To present their papers, participants must fill the form that can be downloaded here and be sent to both the coordinators of the school (,, before the application deadline: May, the 26th.
The paper form should contain:
• name and surname of the participant
• affiliation institution/university
• current position
• title of the paper
• abstract of the paper (max 300 words)

Acceptation of the papers: May, the 27th

The paper presentation gives a chance to gain the two scholarships (please, see the criteria here)